Assessment of a Patient
Variable Airflow Obstruction
Confirming a Diagnosis
Serial Peak Flow Monitoring
BTS Asthma Diagnostic Algorithm
Typical Presentation of Asthma
Reversibility assessment to confirm Asthma
Spirometry and Asthma
Bronchial Provocation Tests
Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide
No Objective Evidence of Asthma?
A Structured Approach to Breathlessness
Starting treatment
Achieving complete control
Ongoing poor control
Which inhaler, for which patient?
The Asthma Annual Review
Introducing the NHS Wales HealthHub apps
Where to find the NHS Wales Healthhub Apps?
Getting started with the NHS Wales Healthhub Apps
Inflammation and Bronchoconstriction
Goals of asthma therapy
Stepwise approach to asthma pharmacotherapy
Asthma Self-Management
Intermittent, short-lived wheeze
Structured Asthma Clinical Review
Personalised Asthma Action Plans
Findings from the NRAD
Difficult Asthma
Management of severe Asthma
Treatment options for Severe Asthma
BTS Statement on Referral
When to refer a patient with Asthma
Event Recording: A Major Update to Asthma Prescribing in Wales
When to use FeNO; understanding the clinical application of the test
Interpreting the FeNO test results
Understanding the issues with interpreting a FeNO measurement
Confirming a diagnosis of COPD
The Development of COPD
Live event recording – Management of COPD Exacerbations
Assessment of Severity
With or without Sputum Purulence?
Point of Care CRP Testing
Beyond normal day-to-day variation
Confirming a diagnosis of COPD
Referral for high value interventions
Categorise the patient into three COPD phenotypes
The COPD Annual Review
The Fletcher-Peto curve
Making an informed decision
The health benefits of quitting smoking
GOLD 2017 Guidelines
The QALY Pyramid
Management of Patients in Primary Care
Pulmonary rehabilitation
Single, Dual and Triple Therapy
Inhaler mechanism of action
Personal Impact of COPD
Getting started with the NHS Wales Healthhub Apps
Where to find the NHS Wales Healthhub Apps?
Introducing the NHS Wales HealthHub apps
Not all who wheeze has allergic asthma
Taking a history
What investigations, for which age group?
Trial of therapy
Assessing Control of Paediatric Asthma
Tests to do today
The Good Care Bundle
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