TV Show: All-Wales COPD Management and Prescribing Guidelines

The publication of the National COPD audit has highlighted inconsistencies in COPD care across Wales. Notably, too little focus on the highest-value interventions for the management of COPD and too great an utilisation of lower value interventions. Adopting a national approach to standardise the management of patients with COPD is expected to improve patient outcomes across Wales and reduce the financial burden of COPD and impact on the NHS and society as a whole.

In this episode of the TV show, we are joined by Dr Simon Barry, National Clinical Lead and Consultant Respiratory Physician, to unveil The All Wales COPD Management and Prescribing Guidelines and the evidence-based, best-value interventions that are available for the three COPD phenotypes.

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All-Wales COPD Management and Prescribing Guideline

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