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All Wales Abnormal Liver Blood Tests Pathway

Approximately 15% of all liver blood test panels include at least one abnormality, but determining which of those patients have significant liver disease has been a cause for uncertainty.

It is well recognised that advanced liver disease is usually recognised very late and deaths from liver disease continue to rise.

This programme will guide healthcare professionals to have a more assertive approach to the management of abnormal liver blood tests, recognising advanced disease (including cirrhosis) at a much earlier stage.


Why are the liver blood tests abnormal?

Further Investigations

Making a follow-up plan


Typical presentation and taking a history

Hepatitic or Cholestatic?

Conditions that lead to abnormal liver blood tests

Liver aetiological screen

Performing a fibrosis risk assessment in practice

What does a “positive” fibrosis risk assessment mean?

Introduction to Fibroscan

Managing patients in primary care who have a low risk of fibrosis

Management of alcohol misuse

Weight loss management in primary care

Significant fibrosis, what does it mean for the patient?

LAUNCH EVENT RECORDING – The All Wales Abnormal Liver Blood Tests Pathway (08/10/2021)


All Wales Abnormal Liver Blood Test Pathway


Management of Abnormal Liver Blood Tests

45-minute case-based assessment

25 multiple choice questions

80% pass mark (20 out of 25)

Unlimited retakes

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