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Essential Management of a Tracheostomy

The aim of this National Welsh Standard is to train, equip, and support healthcare teams on the essential care for patients with tracheostomies, and to reduce unnecessary anxiety surrounding the care of these patients.

Check out the TV show and tutorials on the essential management of a patient with a tracheostomy. When you are ready, navigate to the assessment to achieve the certificate.


Airway access using a tracheostomy

The All Wales TRACHES Checklist

Reducing Adverse Outcomes


Anatomy of the upper airway

Reasons for a tracheostomy

Difference between a Tracheostomy and Laryngectomy

Components of a tracheostomy tube

Tapes and Dressings

Red flags

Assessment of the Inner Tube

Cuff pressure

Humidification and Oxygen therapy

Emergency Management


Maximising a patient’s communication

Cuff deflation and speaking valves

Above cuff vocalisation (ACV)

Swallowing problems

Routine weaning from a tracheostomy


Tracheostomy Emergency Airway Algorithm

The National Tracheostomy Safety Project developed emergency guidelines after researching what were the most common causes of tracheostomy problems.

All-Wales TRACHES Checklist – Education package

This website was created to support teams to manage a patient with a tracheostomy, and contains a whole series of videos and resources on each step of the TRACHES acronym.


Essential management of a patient with a Tracheostomy

45-minute case-based assessment

25 multiple choice questions

80% pass mark (20 out of 25)

Unlimited retakes

On successful completion, your certificate will appear here.

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