Routine weaning from a tracheostomy

Tracheostomy weaning is the process of liberating a patient from their tracheostomy tube, and it’s important that alongside the multi-disciplinary team, patients are involved in the decision where possible.

The weaning process involves the following steps:

  1. The patient no longer requires mechanical ventilation and the need for the tracheostomy has been resolved or is resolving.
  2. Deflation of the cuff.
  3. Application of a one-way speaking valve to assess secretion management and give the patient a voice.
  4. Gloved finger occlusion at the end of the tracheostomy tube (or a cap over the end of the tube) to check they can breath through their mouth and nose.
  5. Successful decannulation of the tracheostomy tube.

Some patients may not follow a linear weaning process and some patients might not make it through the whole weaning process, and a minority of patients will have a permanent tracheostomy tube.

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