Long-term Management of Asthma Learning

Check out the TV show, tutorials and subtutorials on the long-term management of Asthma in practice. When you are ready, navigate to the assessment to achieve the certificate against the National Welsh Standard (NWS).


Starting treatment

Demonstration patient consultation: Asthma review

Achieving complete control

Ongoing poor control

Which inhaler, for which patient?

The Asthma Annual Review


Introducing the NHS Wales HealthHub apps

Where to find the NHS Wales Healthhub Apps?

Getting started with the NHS Wales Healthhub Apps

Inflammation and Bronchoconstriction

Goals of asthma therapy

Stepwise approach to asthma pharmacotherapy

Asthma Self-Management

Intermittent, short-lived wheeze

Structured Asthma Clinical Review

Personalised Asthma Action Plans

Findings from the NRAD

Difficult Asthma

Management of severe Asthma

Treatment options for Severe Asthma

BTS Statement on Referral

When to refer a patient with Asthma

Event Recording: A Major Update to Asthma Prescribing in Wales

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