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NHS Wales Green Agenda: Sustainable Inhaler Prescribing

Metered-dose inhalers contain man made liquefied, compressed hydrofluorocarbons gases that act as a propellant to atomise the drug to deliver the medicine to the patient. HFCs, although not ozone depleting, are still potent greenhouse gases, and contribute to global warming and climate change. In the UK approximately 70% of inhalers used are MDIs which is much higher than many other European countries.

The aim of this National Welsh Standard, is to reduce NHS Wales’ carbon footprint by reducing the percentage of metered dose inhalers prescribed, from 70% to less than 20%, by 2025. The Green Agenda will outline which inhalers are better for the environment, provide clarity on how to switch inhalers safely (adults and children) and how to follow up patients following the switch.


Sustainable inhaler prescribing in primary care

Minimising the environmental impact of Asthma and COPD management

Considerations for children with Asthma

LAUNCH EVENT RECORDING: NHS Wales Green Agenda – Sustainable Inhaler Prescribing


All-Wales COPD Management and Prescribing Guideline

All-Wales Adult Asthma Management and Prescribing Guideline


Slides for HCPs: Sustainable inhaler prescribing

A short slide presentation for HCPs to use to help make sustainability a priority

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