National Welsh Standard

Early Referral of Suspected Interstitial Lung Disease

Interstitial lung diseases are a broad range of conditions that can have a devastating effect on a patient’s quality of life, and their disease progression can be rapid. Typically, a patient will present with breathlessness and cough, symptoms so unspecific that misdiagnosis is common.

The aim of this National Welsh Standard is to increase the suspicion of Interstitial Lung Diseases when patients presenting to practice with symptoms, reducing the time to diagnosis and ensuring patients receive the care and treatment that they need.


When to suspect ILD

Chest auscultation in ILD

Initial investigations and referral to secondary care


Early Referral of Suspected Interstitial Lung Disease

40-minute case-based assessment

20 multiple choice questions

80% pass mark (16 out of 20)

Unlimited retakes

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