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Appropriate Referral of a Patient into the HOS

The aim of this National Welsh Standard is to identify patients who are hypoxic and who meet the criteria for referral to the home oxygen service.

Check out the TV show and tutorials on the appropriate referral of a patient to the HOS. When you are ready, navigate to the assessment to achieve the certificate against the National Welsh Standard (NWS).


Oxygen need versus breathlessness

Baseline pulse oximetry

Referral to Home Oxygen Service


A Structured Approach to Breathlessness

Pulse oximetry

SpO2 Normal Range

Fractional Inspired Oxygen Concentration

The patient’s clinical context

Respiratory abnormalities

Type I Respiratory Failure

Type II Respiratory Failure

Oxygen partial pressure, saturation of haemoglobin and inspired oxygen


BTS Guidelines for Home Oxygen Use in Adults

The British Thoracic Society Home Oxygen Guideline provides detailed evidence-based guidance for the use of home oxygen for patients out of hospital.

IMPRESS breathlessness algorithm


Referral to a Home Oxygen Service

45-minute case-based assessment

25 multiple choice questions

80% pass mark (20 out of 25)

Unlimited retakes

On successful completion, your certificate will appear under this tab.

Undertake Assessment

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