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All-Wales Adult Asthma Management and Prescribing Guideline

Developed by the Respiratory Health Implementation Group (RHIG), and endorsed by the All-Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG). The All-Wales Adult Asthma Management guideline standardises management of patients with Asthma. The aim of this Guideline is to provide patients with asthma with basic asthma care, in line with the Personal Asthma Action Plan, and monitor preventer and reliever inhaler prescribing.   Key Recommendations:
  • SABA monotherapy is not appropriate for the management of any patients with asthma
  • Use of reliever inhaler more than three times per week suggests poor asthma control
  • More than 6 SABA prescriptions per year, and less than 12 preventer inhalers should prompt urgent review

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