Considering high value interventions

Tutorial presented by Professor Ben Hope-Gill, Respiratory Consultant.

It is important to consider referral to pulmonary rehabilitation or for an oxygen assessment at every opportunity, because this can make a big difference to the quality of life for patients with ILD.

Most patients with ILD are likely to need oxygen therapy, and should be considered if the patient has SpO2 less than 92%, or evidence of cor pulmonale.

Patients may also experience a desaturation on exertion, and ambulatory oxygen therapy can greatly improve a patient’s exercise tolerance.

Patients with ILD do benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation, so if a patient is experiencing a deterioration in their exercise tolerance, or their legs are getting tired, they should be considered for a pulmonary rehabilitation programme.

After a PR programme, patients should be encouraged to maintain their level of activity, and a referral to the National Exercise Referral Scheme should be considered.

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