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Supporting the recovery of patients affected by COVID-19

This programme informs healthcare professionals supporting patients during their COVID recovery, to ensure patients are offered appropriate support and reassurance, and where necessary specialist rehabilitation.

People of all age groups may experience prolonged physical, emotional and psychological difficulties following COVID-19 infection. Most people will require sensitively delivered advice and self-management support. Specialist rehabilitation services have been established across the UK to support more complex Post COVID-19 Syndrome recovery cases.

The NHS Wales COVID Recovery App provides self-management support and general advice to the thousands of patients and families affected by COVID-19. The App is free, bilingual, and features experts in rehabilitation offering reassuring, confidence-building, and motivational support. The COVID Recovery App is now available as an immediate and first-line support tool for healthcare professionals in primary and secondary care across Wales, to signpost their patients.


Principles and aims of the COVID Recovery App

A virtual tour of the app

How to get the App to your patients


Overview of NHS Wales Rehabilitation Framework

Rehabilitation Services for COVID Recovery

What about people indirectly affected by COVID-19?

When to refer: Respiratory complications

When to refer: Cardiac complications

When to refer: Neurological complications


COVID Recovery Promotional Resource Pack

NHS Wales Rehabilitation Framework

NICE COVID-19 rapid guideline: managing the long-term effects of COVID-19


Supporting the recovery of patients affected by COVID-19

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