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Performance of Spirometry

Spirometry is the recommended objective test performed to identify abnormalities in lung volumes and air flow, and therefore the quality assured performance and interpretation of spirometry is important for respiratory services across the country.

Check out the tutorials on the performance of spirometry, and some useful resources.


How to do the test properly

How to identify and rectify the most common errors in spirometry

How to check and report your results

How to look after your spirometry equipment


All Wales Protocol and Procedure for undertaking and interpreting spirometry


Quality control in lung function testing

The variability in some lung function measurements can be very high (>10%), unless high-quality measurements, excellent staff training and high-quality assurance processes are in place.

Quality Assured Diagnostic Spirometry for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

The aim of this article is to provide an overview of the role of Quality Assured Diagnostic Spirometry in ensuring the appropriate diagnosis of COPD.

Restarting diagnostic spirometry in Wales

A Statement by the Spirometry Advisory Group for GP practices wishing to restart diagnostic spirometry in Wales in a post-COVID era.

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