What about people indirectly affected by COVID-19?

Tutorial presented by Dr Fiona Jenkins (MBE), Physiotherapist and Executive Director of Therapies and Health Science in CVUHB and CTMUHB.

In this tutorial, Fiona provides an overview of the rehabilitation needs of patients who have been indirectly affected by COVID-19, including those who have avoided accessing healthcare services and are now at greater risk of disability and ill health.

Populations 2, 3 and 4 in the NHS Wales Rehabilitation Framework (linked below) focus on those individuals who have been indirectly affected by COVID-19:

  1. Recovering from COVID-19
  2. Awaiting paused planned care
  3. Avoided access to care during the pandemic
  4. Socially isolated groups and groups that have been shielding


For these groups, the messages need to be clear that the NHS is open for urgent care, and there are therapy services available to support patients to return to their optimal level of independence and well-being.

The NHS Wales COVID recovery app is also suitable for people who are indirectly affected by COVID-19, and patients should be signposted to use the app for general supported self-management.

Rehabilitation Services for COVID Recovery

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NHS Wales Rehabilitation Framework

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