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Confirmed, suspected or unlikely diagnosis

According to the All Wales Asthma diagnosis guideline (linked below), patients will be categorised by the likelihood of asthma diagnosis; confirmed, suspected, or unlikely.

Asthma diagnosis confirmed

Start treatment and give asthma education and advice

  • GINA low dose ICS
  • Record objective measure of control pre-treatment (RCP 3)
  • Review symptoms and response to treatment at 8 weeks
  • Inhaler technique and correct spacer
  • Personalised asthma action plan and AsthmaHub App
  • Triggers
  • First and secondhand smoking advice
  • Flu vaccination


Asthma diagnosis suspected

  • If the patient is asymptomatic, consider watchful waiting
  • If symptomatic, perform treatment trail (see page linked below)


Low probability of asthma

  • Consider alternative diagnoses
  • Repeat objective tests (especially when symptomatic)
  • Consider referral to secondary care
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