Making a Diagnosis of Asthma in Children – Case based exam

Case-based Exam

To assess competence in making a diagnosis of Asthma in children, candidates are required to complete a summative multiple choice exam. You will have 45 minutes to answer 25 questions . The pass mark is 80%. If you do not meet the assessment criteria, don’t panic! You can resit as many times as you need.

During this exam, you will be assessed against the following learning outcomes: 

    • Not all who wheeze has asthma; understanding the relationship between wheeze and asthma, particularly in children under 6 years


    • Taking a history from a parent and child with suspected diagnosis of Paediatric Asthma


    • Objectively testing for Paediatric Asthma; what investigations, for which age group?


    • Using a Trial of Therapy to confirm or refute a diagnosis of asthma in children.

The questions are presented through case studies, and each case study might span a series of questions. See below an example of how this Case Study and Question will sit on a page.

After each question, there might be a development in the case study; the original body of text for the Case study will be greyed out, and the additional information will be presented underneath. See below for an example:

Click ‘Start quiz’ to get started. Your time limit will start immediately and will run continuously until 0:00. If you leave the page and return, the clock will not stop.

Once you have answered all the questions, you will be taken to an exam overview page where you will find your answers marked against the correct answers.

If you do not pass every question, you will be able to resit the exam.

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