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On admission to hospital

The aim of this programme is to outline the steps for for admitting a patient to hospital with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, which is outlined in the guideline; All Wales COVID-19 Secondary Care Management Guideline.

Check out the guideline and tutorials on the admission of patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19, and some useful resources.


Assessment of a patient presenting to hospital

COVID-19 Diagnostic Pathway – The Role of Radiology

Typical and Atypical Features of COVID-19 Chest CT-Scan

Typical and Atypical Features of COVID-19 Chest X-Ray

COVID-19 throat swab

Testing PCR

The Principles of Cohort Management

Oxygen Delivery Devices in COVID-19

Monitoring oxygen saturations in COVID-19

Susceptibility to COVID-19

Differential diagnosis in COVID-19

Clinical presentation of COVID-19

Bacterial versus viral infection

Examination of a patient with suspected COVID-19

Antibiotic management of patients with suspected COVID-19 admitted from the community

Chest CT Scan Classification in COVID-19


All-Wales COVID-19 Secondary Care Guideline


When a case was not diagnosed on admission

Public Health England; actions required when a case of COVID-19 was not diagnosed on admission

Modes of Oxygen Delivery in COVID-19

A quick reference guide for administering oxygen to patients with COVID-19. This resource has been developed to guide safe and effective use of oxygen delivery devices during the COVID-19 pandemic, and is based on safety and efficacy of treating oxygen failure and preserving oxygen supplies. Colour printed and laminated copies of these posters have been delivered to all hospitals across Wales.

Tests to inform COVID-19 diagnosis

This report has been produced to assist the Welsh Government, and Health and Social Care in Wales, in their response to the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. It provides a rapid review of published evidence on the effectiveness of virus and antibody tests to inform COVID-19 diagnosis. It is based on the most recent available evidence at the time of publication but will be updated frequently.

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