Management of patients on ICU – ICST

Management of patients on ICU

The aim of this programme is to outline some key principles for admitting to, and managing a patient with COVID-19 on the an Intensive Care Unit.

Check out the tutorials on the ICU management of patients with COVID-19, and some useful resources.


Decision making on suitability for ITU care

Strategy for invasive ventilation delivered in ICU

Change in Clinical Status: Escalating from Ward to ITU

A daily checklist for ventilated COVID-19 patients

Principles of Palliative Care on Intensive Care

Decision support aid for patients with COVID-19 who are likely to benefit from critical care

Proning in a ventilated patient

ICNARC Report on COVID-19 in Critical Care


All-Wales COVID-19 Secondary Care Guideline

All Wales Pathway for Weaning COVID-19 patients with Tracheostomies


ICS Guidance on prone position in adult critical care

ICS/FICM Guidance for prone position in adult critical care

A daily checklist for ventilated COVID-19 patients

A checklist for ventilated COVID-19 patients has been designed to be used as a daily ward round.

PBW to ventilator tidal volume; a conversion chart

Ventilate at 6-8ml kg-1 of PREDICTED body weight (PBW). Predicted body weight is determined from height.

ICNARC report on COVID-19 in critical care

This report presents analyses of data on patients critically ill with confirmed COVID-19 reported to ICNARC up to 4pm on 16 April 2020 from critical care units in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Decision Support Aid

The Wales Critical Care and Trauma Network in collaboration with the Welsh Intensive Care Society, alongside senior intensivists across Wales, offer a process for assisting with the assessment of risks and benefits to patients of critical care treatment which, used judiciously, is of benefit to referring clinicians to better understand the rationale behind the decision making of the Intensivist on whether escalation of treatment will likely benefit an individual.

ICS Guidance for Prone Positioning of the Conscious COVID Patient

The ICS have developed the following guideline to identify when it may be beneficial to trial conscious proning, incorporating indications and contraindications as well as a guide on how patients should position themselves.

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