Long COVID: What we know so far

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Heart rhythm issues in Long COVID

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The All Wales Guideline for the Management of Long-COVID!

Routine Care for a Chest Drain on a Respiratory Ward

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NHS Wales World Asthma Day Event Video now available

On Tuesday 4th May 2021 we held the virtual NHS Wales World Asthma Day event. A video of the event is now available.

The next phase of the COVID vaccine programme

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Update from the PRINCIPLE trial – Inhaled Budesonide in treating COVID-19

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World Asthma Day: Together Improving Asthma Care in Wales

Together improving Asthma care in Wales. Showcasing your national toolkit in this excluisve one hour event. Tuesday 4 May 2021 - 12pm. Don't miss out, book now.

Diagnosis of Asthma and COPD in Primary Care – National Welsh Standards

Spotlight on available NWS's

CPR and resuscitation during the COVID-19 pandemic

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