Uniform and footwear during COVID-19

The principle mode of transmission of the virus is by droplets and aerosols onto a mucous membrane, or contact with the mucous membrane. The virus doesn’t survive for long periods on fabric and contamination of clothing is unlikely to be a meaningful route of transmission, but there are still some approaches that we can all take to minimise the risk of cross infection.

Uniform or clothes that you wear to work should be changed out of before you go home from work, and washed at the end of the day. Hand washing is crucial to ensure you do not transfer the virus from surfaces to your mucous membranes.

There are no specific requirements, exceeding standard uniform policies, for footwear for the working environment, because the virus is unlikely to survive long on footwear and the route of transmission from the footwear to the mucous membranes by touch is exceedingly unlikely.

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