Top tips for assessing respiratory status remotely

Tutorial presented by Dr Avkash Jain, GP in CAVUHB and Community Director for PCIC.

In this tutorial, we are joined by Dr Avkash Jain who outlines some simple principles of assessing the respiratory status of a patient with COVID-19 over the phone. 

The publication of the RedWhale document (linked below) provides frontline healthcare teams with support in remote consultations, including a useful table on how to assess the respiratory status of a patient with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 in the community. Tips include:

  • Ask the patient to describe their breathing in their own words, and assess how easily they can speak.
  • Assess the degree of deterioration using questions such as “What could you do yesterday that you cannot do today?”
  • Ask a relative: “How would you describe their breathing? Can I listen?”

Using some of the principles outlined should help GPs to triage patients more safely.

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Remote consulting: a survival guide (Red Whale)

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