The Principles of Cohort Management

The three principles of cohort management will reduce the risk of cross infection, protecting staff and other patients in the hospital.


Principle 1: Early identification of suspected COVID-19

  • A process to identify a patient at the entrance of the hospital to correctly signpost patients with suspected COVID-19
  • Consider all possible routes into the hospital; via ambulance, via GP referral, walk-ins


Principle 2: Establish an assessment area for patients with suspected COVID-19

  • Identify an area of the hospital where patients with suspected COVID-19 can be assessed
  • Organise the appropriate tests; routine blood tests, throat swab for COVID-19, and a chest x-ray
  • If the test results are negative for COVID-19, they can be moved to a general medical ward or other appropriate ward
  • If the test results are positive for COVID-19


Principle 3: Establish a cohort ward for patients with confirmed COVID-19

  • Patients with confirmed COVID-19 should be moved to a cohort ward for treatment
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