The ISARIC 4C Mortality Score

Tutorial presented by Professor Ben Hope-Gill, Consultant Respiratory Physician.

The 4C mortality score is a predictive mortality score that will help clinicians decide how to triage and tailor treatment for their patients.

The score is generated from the following variables:

  • Pre-existing variables (age, sex and co-morbidities)
  • Clinical variables (respiratory rate, SpO2 and level of consciousness)
  • Blood test results (blood urea and CRP)

A link to the predictive score can be found below, as well as the corresponding cohort study.

The patient will achieve a score between zero and 21, and this is stratified into four groups to predict mortality:

  • 0-3 Low risk (1.2% mortality risk)
  • 4-8 Intermediate risk (9.9% mortality risk)
  • 9-14 High risk (31.4% mortality risk)
  • ≥15 Very high risk (61.5% mortality risk)

This prediction score is a support aid, NOT a decision tool.

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Development and validation of the 4C Mortality Score

The 4C mortality score

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