The DreamStation CPAP Machine: Set up in Swansea Bay UHB

This demonstration explores the machine set up for CPAP devices in Swansea Bay UHB.

The DreamStation device is being used widely to treat oxygenation failure in COVID-19 patients. To facilitate quick set-up at a patient’s bedside, these devices are being pre-set with CPAP pressures that are suitable for patients with COVID-19 (12, 14 and 16cmH2O).

To start CPAP treatment:

  1. Identify a CPAP machine that is set to the correct prescription.
  2. Connect the circuit to the machine in the following order; face mask, anti-bacterial viral filter, oxygen port, exhalation valve, 22mm tubing.
  3. Fit the mask to the patient; tight enough to prevent any leak, but not too tight to cause pressure damage to the skin.
  4. Connect the oxygen tube to the oxygen port and start oxygen therapy.
  5. Start CPAP therapy and monitor the mask fit for leaks. If there are any leaks, adjust the straps.

For more information about the set up of a DreamStation CPAP machine in Swansea Bay UHB, check out the video below.

For more information about the DreamStation CPAP machine, follow the links below to see ‘A Walkaround’ and ‘Setting up the patient circuit’.

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The DreamStation CPAP Machine: A Walkaround

The DreamStation CPAP Machine: Setting up a patient circuit

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