The DreamStation CPAP Machine: A Walkaround

On the top of the CPAP machine:

  • Power button which starts and stops the pressure
  • Ramp button

On the front of the CPAP machine:

  • A dial for navigating around the device settings
  • A screen to display the patient’s prescription

On the back of the CPAP machine:

  • A circuit port to attach to the patient’s 22mm CPAP circuit
  • AC power connection

To set up a prescription using the DreamStation CPAP Machine, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Connect the power cable to the back of the device
  2. Press and hold the ‘ramp’ and round dial button for approximately 5 seconds to access the clinical menu
  3. In the clinical menu, use the round dial to navigate to the ‘therapy’ menu
  4. To alter the pressure, scroll across on the ‘therapy’ menu and clip on the ‘pressure’ option to enlarge the pressure settings
  5. Use the round dial to adjust the pressure settings (in cmH2O), and press to select the pressure
  6. Navigate back to the ‘patient’ menu; scroll across from the ‘therapy’ menu until you have the option for ‘main menu’; select ‘main menu’ and then navigate to ‘patient mode’
  7. The machine is now ready to start CPAP. Click the power button when the patient’s circuit is set up and the oxygen is entrained
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