Meeting the needs of people with learning disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Tutorial presented by Paula Hopes, Learning Disability Consultant Nurse.

In this tutorial, we are joined by Paula Hopes, Learning Disability Consultant Nurse, who outlines some of the barriers faced by people living in the community with learning disabilities.

People with learning disabilities might not be able to describe their symptoms, localise pain, sense temperature, or interpret information that has been written for a wider audience. It is important for healthcare professionals to be aware of these barriers when interacting with people with learning disabilities, to ensure they have their health needs met.

Individuals with a learning disabilities might use different communication systems to help them give information. This might include a Hospital Passport or Health Profile, such as the one attached below, which contains all the information important to that person.

Reasonable adjustments are a statutory duty, which says health and social care providers must remove any barriers – physical or otherwise – that could make it difficult for disabled people to use their services or prevent them from using them altogether. Attached below is a document from Mencap Cymru which gives some ideas about reasonable adjustments that can be made to meet the needs of someone with a learning disability.

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Health Profile (Improvement Cymru)

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Supporting Reasonable Adjustments for people with a learning disability

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