Making a referral to Hepatology

When making a referral to Hepatology, it is important to include the following information in the referral:

  • Alcohol history
  • Presence of obesity
  • Features of metabolic syndrome
  • Drug history
  • Family history of liver disease
  • Results of aetiological liver screen
  • Results of any abdominal imaging (Ultrasound, CT or MRI)
  • Risk factors of blood borne viruses (IVDU, high-risk sexual practices, ethnicity)


Patients who are referred to secondary care Hepatology will typically undergo a Fibroscan to confirm the presence of fibrosis, which is a non-invasive scan of the stiffness of the liver. If the Fibroscan is entirely normal, a patient may be referred back to primary care for ongoing risk management.

If the Fibroscan suggests advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis, the patient will be reviewed in a Consultant-led clinic.

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