ICNARC Report on COVID-19 in Critical Care

The countries of the UK have not suffered equally from COVID-19. The ICNARC report for the UK (linked below) provided survival outcomes from critical care in the UK, which can be compared to the equivalent report from Wales (linked below). The overall survival for the UK is 59.6%, compared to 61.7% in Wales, which may be explained by some of the differences in the demographics of the patients. The average age of patients admitted to critical care in Wales was lower than the rest of the UK (59 years versus 56 years), and there were less Black or Minority ethnic patients admitted in Wales.

The Welsh report examining excess deaths in Wales (also linked below) found differences between Wales and the UK, with Wales having a lower overall excess death rate than the rest of the UK.

The reason for these differences is not clear, but this should prompt further research studies.

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ICNARC report on COVID-19 in critical care (UK)

ICNARC report on COVID-19 in critical care (Wales)

Examining Deaths in Wales associated with COVID-19

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