COVID Front door and non COVID Front door

Tutorial presented by Dr Tim Ayres, Emergency Department Consultant.

Patients in the high risk category (any patient with a SpO2 less than or equal to 92%, or any patient where there is any clinical concern about their risk of deterioration or ability to cope at home) should be considered for emergency admission to hospital. If the patient has an underlying diagnosis of COPD (or other respiratory disease), they should be considered for emergency admission if they have a SpO2 less than 88% or if their SpO2 is more than 5% below their normal baseline.

Wherever possible, patients presenting to the emergency department should have a COVID status performed prior to arrival. This is to ensure patients are effectively streamed into a COVID or non-COVID area of the hospital so that they receive the right care in the right place.

Risk stratification; high, moderate and low risk

Virtual ward

Mark as Understood


All Wales Guideline for the Management of patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 in the Community

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