Follow Up Pathway (Mild to Moderate COVID-19 pneumonia)

Those individuals who have presented with mild to moderate COVID-19 pneumonia, including those who have been managed as in-patients on a general medical ward requiring low flow rates of oxygen, or those managed in the community following presentation to a medical admissions unit or emergency department, should be followed up according to the British Thoracic Society pathway (linked below).

In general, these individuals would be expected to make a good recovery, and the BTS guideline advises a chest x-ray and virtual review of the radiograph at 12 weeks. If the 12-week chest x-ray is normal, those individuals can be reassured that they have made a full recovery and that no further follow-up is necessary.

Individuals who have ongoing radiological abnormalities or significant breathlessness at 12-weeks should be invited for a face-to-face clinical review.

The BTS have provided template letters which can be sent to individuals (also attached below).

Follow Up Pathway (Severe COVID-19 pneumonia)

Mark as Understood


BTS Guidance on Respiratory Follow Up of Patients with a Clinico-Radiological Diagnosis of COVID-19 Pneumonia

Template letter 1: Offer follow up Post-COVID19 CXR

Template letter 2: Follow up post COVID19 pneumonia CXR cleared Discharge

Template letter 3: Follow up post COVID19 need PFT and OPD or telephone assessment

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