Criteria for transferring a tracheosomised patient to a COVID-19 ward

The consideration to transfer a patient from critical care to a COVID-19 ward which is equipped to care facilitate tracheostomy ventilation weaning should prompt a discussion between the ward team and the critical care team. Patients should meet the locally agreed inclusion criteria, for example:

  • Resolution of multi-organ failure
  • Tracheostomy in situ
  • Awake and alert
  • Decision on re-escalation has been made

In addition, they should also have absence any contraindications for transfer, including:

  • Ongoing need for Renal Replacement Therapy
  • Vasopressor use for two days prior
  • Active delirium or ongoing sedation
  • Infective process requiring a cubicle
  • Significant cardiovascular disease

Assessing suitability for weaning

Weaning pressure or volume ventilator support on a COVID-19 Ward

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All Wales Pathway for Weaning COVID-19 patients with Tracheostomies

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