Breas VIVO 55 Ventilator: Starting therapy and monitoring the patient

Once the prescription has been entered for the patient, and the patient circuit has been set up for the type of ventilation, therapy can begin.


To start and monitor therapy:

  1. Connect the patient circuit to the ventilator.
  2. Connect any accessories that you might be using, including the pulse oximeter, to the patient.
  3. To start treatment, press and hold the ‘start/ stop treatment’ button on the front of the ventilator, until the progress bar has filled.
  4. Locate the ‘monitor’ menu from the five buttons along the bottom of the screen. This will take you to page 1 (of 3) on the monitoring menu.
  5. To scroll to the second monitor screen, select the ‘monitor’ button again. The ‘Curves’ monitoring screen, or live patient waveforms, is now shown.
  6. To scroll to the third monitor screen, select the ‘monitor’ button again. The ‘Trends’ monitoring screen is now shown.
  7. If an alarm is triggered during therapy, return to page 1(3) on the ‘monitor’ menu, and select the ‘information’ button to identify the trigger of this alarm.


To change therapy while the patient is using the device:

  1. Select the ‘setup’ menu from the five buttons along the bottom of the screen.
  2. To change the settings, scroll through the different parameters and set them according to the patient’s requirements. To change the settings, scroll left and right using the arrow keys, and to confirm the setting, select the down arrow to move to the next setting. Certain settings are not adjustable during therapy, and these will be highlighted in grey.
  3. To confirm the changes, select ‘confirm’. The ventilation settings have now been changed.

    To lock the device during therapy, hold down the left and right arrow buttons until the progress bar completes. The device is now in ‘home’ mode, as indicated by the locked padlock icon. When in home mode, it is not possible to change any clinical or alarm settings, but the overview monitor screen is available.


    To stop therapy, there is a two step process to avoid accidentally stopping therapy. Press and hold the ‘start/ stop therapy’ button until the progress bar fills, and then press the ‘alarm silence’ button. Therapy has now stopped.

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