Breas VIVO 55 Ventilator: Setting up the patient circuit for non-invasive ventilation

This patient circuit is the equipment required to set up a patient with COVID-19 on a VIVO 55 non-invasive ventilator (or CPAP machine).

Patient interface

  • The patient interface is a full-face, non-vented mask which fits over the patient’s nose and mouth and secured using straps
  • Ensure the mask is not too loose or too tight
  • The elbow of the mask should be blue; this means that there is no exhalation valve which is important for infection control in COVID-19

Two antibacterial-viral filters

  • The first filter sits immediately after the patient interface, and filters the air that the patient exhales
  • The second filter, at the machine end of the circuit, filters the air that is delivered to the patient

Leak port (exhalation valve)

  • The valve attaches to the antibacterial-viral filter and ensures the patient does not re-breath their waste gases
  • The exhalation valve MUST follow the antibacterial-viral filter in the circuit to prevent unnecessary aerosolisation of the patient’s exhaled breath

End-tidal CO2 monitor

  • The end-tidal CO2 monitor monitors the carbon dioxide that the patient is exhaling
  • It comes in two parts; the airway adapter (single patient use) and the sensor that connects to the ventilator

Standard 22mm circuit tubing

  • The standard 22mm circuit tubing connects the end-tidal CO2 monitor to the machine-end filter

FiO2 sensor

  • The FiO2 sensor provides a measurement of the FiO2 being delivered to the patient
  • It connects to the patient air outlet on the right side of the ventilator, and the cable connects to the FiO2 monitoring sensor input on the right side of the ventilator
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