Breas VIVO 55 Ventilator: Setting up the FiO2 sensor

With the entrainment of oxygen in a ventilator, an FiO2 sensor is necessary to monitor the patient’s inspired oxygen concentration (FiO2).


The FiO2 sensor has three components. Installation involves the following steps:

  1. Connect the FiO2 sensor to the middle of the T-piece adapter
  2. Connect the sensor cable to the top of the FiO2 sensor
  3. Connect one end of the T-piece to the patient circuit outlet on the right side of the VIVO 55 ventilator
  4. Connect the white FiO2 sensor cable to the white FiO2 outlet, found on the right side of the device


On installation of a new oxygen cell, the machine should be calibrated:

  1. Assemble the FiO2 sensor, as above
  2. Connect an oxygen supply to the oxygen inlet on the right side of the device
  3. Switch on the ventilator
  4. To access the calibration in the menu, select the ‘others’ menu, and locate the ‘FiO2/ CO2 calibration’ option
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate the FiO2 sensor

Once the FiO2 sensor has been set up and calibrated, the machine will give a FiO2 reading when the ventilator is running. The FiO2 sensor will need changing approximately every 6-months.

It’s important to note, oxygen should only be entrained while the device is running.

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