Breas VIVO 55 Ventilator: Setting up the End-tidal CO2 monitor

End-tidal CO2 is the level of carbon dioxide that is released at the end of an exhaled breath. The end-tidal CO2 monitor consists of two main components:

  1. The sensor is a non-disposable device that takes continuous carbon dioxide measurements from a patient’s exhaled breath. This is attached to the right side of the VIVO 55 ventilator, and allows real-time adjustment of ventilator settings while the patient is being ventilated
  2. A disposable airway adapter that attaches to the patient’s circuit

Once the end-tidal CO2 monitor is assembled and connected to the right side of the VIVO 55 ventilator, it should be calibrated before use. To do this:

  1. Turn on the ventilator using the switch on the right side of the device
  2. To access the calibration programme in the menu, select the ‘others’ menu, and locate the ‘FiO2/ CO2 calibration’ option
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to ‘start CO2 zeroing’

Once the end-tidal CO2 monitor has been zeroed, the machine will give an end-tidal CO2 reading when the ventilator is running.

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