Aerosol Generating Procedures in the Community

Aerosol generating procedures are any procedures that generate particles that are smaller than the standard droplets that routinely transmit COVID-19, and for that reason there is an enhanced level of personal protective equipment that is required when undertaking and aerosol generating procedure.

Examples of aerosol generating procedures in the community include the use of long-term home ventilation (e.g. CPAP or NIV) or suction from the respiratory tract.

Some individuals only use their ventilation equipment overnight, so as long as you enter their home at least an hour after the machine has been turned off in the morning you can wear standard personal protective equipment, but if there is a risk of exposure when the individual is using home ventilation equipment, you will need to use the PPE that is required for Aerosol Generating Procedures.

The PPE that is required for Aerosol Generating Procedures has been covered in a separate video, but in summary includes:

  • FFP3 mask
  • Visor or eye protection
  • Gloves
  • Long-sleeved, fluid repellent gown
  • Apron

You should be fit tested before using a FFP3 mask to ensure it filters all the aerosol particles in the air.

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