National Clinical Guideline Learning


How to assess a patient over the phone

In-person assessment

Pulse oximetry

The Point-of-Care COVID Test

Palliative care and ethical framework

Likely other respiratory

Risk stratification; high, moderate and low risk

COVID Front door and non COVID Front door

Virtual ward


The next phase of COVID-19 vaccine programme

Top tips for assessing respiratory status remotely

Meeting the needs of people with learning disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Pharmacological symptom control measures for palliative care in the community

Face to face assessment of patients by paramedics

Practical demonstration of the LumiraDx testing device

Addressing COVID-19 vaccine safety concerns

The use of pulse oximeters as an advanced safety net for patients with COVID-19 in the community

Virtual Ward Rounds in a Care Home

Practicalities of a Virtual Consultation

Immune responses to COVID-19 and vaccines

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