Rehabilitation and Discharge Learning


Managing a patient on a COVID-19 cohort area (ward)

Follow Up of Patients with COVID-19 pneumonia

Follow Up Pathway (Severe COVID-19 pneumonia)

Assessing suitability for weaning

CPAP in the weaning process on a COVID-19 ward

Managing a patient with a Tracheostomy on a COVID-19 ward

Tracheostomy mask in the weaning process on a COVID-19 ward

Decannulation of a tracheostomy in the weaning process

Follow Up Pathway (Mild to Moderate COVID-19 pneumonia)

All Wales Pathway for Weaning COVID-19 patients with Tracheostomies

Criteria for transferring a tracheosomised patient to a COVID-19 ward

Weaning pressure or volume ventilator support on a COVID-19 Ward

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