COVID-19 Cohort Ward Learning


Decision making on suitability for ITU care

Managing a patient on a COVID-19 cohort area (ward)

Change in Clinical Status: Escalating from Ward to ITU

COVID-19 Patient Data Collection Form

Monitoring oxygen saturations in COVID-19

Assessing suitability for weaning

Decision support aid for patients with COVID-19 who are likely to benefit from critical care

Antibiotic management of patients with suspected COVID-19 admitted from the community

Principles of Palliative Care on a COVID-19 Ward

CPAP in the weaning process on a COVID-19 ward

Tracheostomy mask in the weaning process on a COVID-19 ward

Decannulation of a tracheostomy in the weaning process

Oxygen Delivery Devices in COVID-19

Daily Checklist for COVID-19 Wards

Management of COVID-19 patients in Ventilatory failure

Use of CPAP in COVID-19

Managing a patient with a Tracheostomy on a COVID-19 ward

Pressure Support vs Inspired Oxygen Concentration

Natural progression of the disease

Complications of COVID-19

COVID-19 and underlying lung disease

Value of Blood Gas Measurement in COVID-19

Myocarditis: A complication of COVID-19

Treating Myocarditis in COVID-19

COVID-19 and underlying cardiac disease

Barriers to communicating with patients

Self-care during COVID-19: It’s ok not to be ok

Breaking bad news over the phone

Chaplaincy and spiritual care during COVID-19

Proning in the awake patient

All Wales Pathway for Weaning COVID-19 patients with Tracheostomies

Criteria for transferring a tracheosomised patient to a COVID-19 ward

Weaning pressure or volume ventilator support on a COVID-19 Ward

Preliminary Clinical Trial Findings: Remdesivir

Preliminary clinical trial findings: Dexamethasone

Monitoring of patients on a COVID-19 ward

Use of high-flow nasal oxygen (HFNO)

The ISARIC 4C Mortality Score

The use of corticosteroids in COVID-19: an update

Remdesivir in COVID-19: an update

The use of Interleukin-6 inhibitors

Importance of nutritional support on a COVID-19 ward

Managing steroid-induced hyperglycaemia in patients with COVID-19

Gastrointestinal protection in patients with COVID-19

CPR in the Acute Hospital setting during the COVID-19 pandemic

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